View Full Version : [all variants] HP 45x0 laptop - does it work

April 23rd, 2008, 08:34 PM
Has anyone else tried using any of the variants on a HP Pavilion 45x0 laptop?
I do know it has an ATI AGP Mobility Radeon but none of the HP documents say specifically WHICH one. I saw one place a similar model had a Mobility 7000 which ATI doesn't even have any drivers for on their website except for Windows 98....
Anyways any mentiones of other people using any of the Ubuntu variants on this laptop. Mine is specifically the HP Pavilion ze4540 with a 2.4GHz Celeron, DDR memory, ATI graphics and once I find one, a miniPCI Broadcom wireless card. I got this laptop free from my boss but with no hardware in it (no HD, no RAM, no wireless card)...
I will dual boot XP and linux once I get the hard drive for it and will likely run from LiveCD at least once I get the memory (later today).

June 22nd, 2008, 07:59 PM
after some testing with a few distros and older Ubuntu ditros, I found that the latest 8.04 works very well without any extra tweaking needed. It works "out of the box".