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April 23rd, 2008, 04:49 PM
I have contacted the various printer manufacturers but they are deafening with their nil response.

Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

I am looking for a Inkjet printer that will print A4 but will be good enough to print photographs on 6"x4" photo paper. With, of course, Ubuntu Linux Drivers!

It must have:
1 A flat bed scanner
2 Fax send capabilities through the flat bed scanner. **
3 Photocopying through the flat bed scanner. **
4 Computer printing via USB or Firewire.
5 CDROM direct printing.

** These two should be able to function with the computer turned off.

It would be desirable to have the following, though not essential:
A Ethernet socket for LAN availability
B Duplex printing

I feel sure there must be someone here that knows of such a machine. I am removing Windows from my machine over the weekend 10th May so need to have the printer in place at least a week before.

EXTRA: Can someone tell me how to do a "Thank You" on the forum so anyone who helps gets a "Thank You" addition to their tags?

Thank you. You can email me direct (ampers@gmail.com) if you wish.

Ampers Taylor
0794-162 2401

April 23rd, 2008, 05:01 PM
If you want reliability and ease of use, the current crop of 4 in 1 units from HP should fill the bill. Fax is stand alone and not computer reliant. Scan quality is good to excellent (and you can CLEAN the scanner if you need precise scans). You can get a 3 cartridge, aka 7 color, unit and get some pretty good photo prints (but that depends on your display accuracy .. something worthy of a totally different thread.)
Top that off with good Ubuntu driver support via cups for printing and sane for scanning ... and .. a rock solid piece of hardware, and there you have it.
Cost? not what you would pay for a piece of junk at the local drug store, of course. But you should get YEARS (not weeks) of usage out of it.
I have a 4 in 1 older unit (6 color or 3 color and black) that has been working away for about 4 years and I only have had to clean the glass on the scanner.