View Full Version : [ubuntu] Suggestion

April 23rd, 2008, 07:55 AM
I am not sure how ubuntu centric system76 is supposed to be, but I was thinking it would be nice if we could get some more brand power. I was looking at the canotical store, and their stickers section. Just a thought, as I would have really enjoyed it, is that could you provide an option to include a sheet or something of random ubuntu stickers? I saw shuttleworth sporting one on his lappy, and it looked nice. The good thing about ubuntu and system 76, is that both have a ready for market logo. Anyways, a sheet of stickers would do good for the zealous user...
Lol, I also need to get you guys to send me some more "powered by ubuntu" stickers... mine didnt last long enough, as the plastic wore off, and it faded like that~

Ah well, i cant wait to see what you got next in line for laptops!