View Full Version : [ubuntu] Strange Wireless Access

April 23rd, 2008, 02:04 AM
Okay, I need help. I'm using a Dell laptop with Intel Pro Wireless 3945. I used to have Xubuntu, and my internet access was fine, but recently it's started acting very strangely. After about 10 minutes of having access, the internet would stop working properly. The connection is still there at around 50%, but nothing would work. When that happens, I have to go reset the router, disconnect and connect again.

I recently installed Ubuntu again because the internet was driving me insane. It was working fine for about a day and then it started being strange again.

I don't know why this might be happening, and it's driving me insane. If anyone knows of this happening before, please tell me because I need a steady internet connection, and am not always available to run downstairs and reset the router.

NOTE: I am using Wicd instead of nm-applet because I need a static IP.