View Full Version : $300+ Ubuntu Notebooks

October 15th, 2005, 03:34 AM
Hey y'all! My name is Spencer and I have refurbished over 15 laptops, not all are exactly the same but they all are at least these specs:

512mb ram
PIII 600mhz
Ubuntu 5.10
13-15 Inch screen

My prices range from $300-500.00, I offer a 1 year warrenty because I'm fairly confident that these parts are reliable. Batteries work, screens are perfect, they are clean and tidy!

In the event you ARE interested in these items seriously, and would like to talk over the phone, you can call me @ 1 (301) 464-0333. The downside is, I don't really have a cam, but then, I don't see the point in taking pictures when they are just plain, black laptops.. :p

I am accepting checks and cash -- I used to do the whole paypal thing, but ugh, I won't start with them...

Spencer Schehr
5522 Lake Ridge Terrace
Bowie, MD 20720-4856

Good luck!