View Full Version : [ubuntu] Odd bios issues, real time clock ubuntu, xp

April 22nd, 2008, 05:01 PM
Here's an interesting situation, I'd just like some clarifications on a few things.

I'm currently using an Acer aspire 3050-1733.
I just got it back from the repair depot for a faulty screen which was replaced, along with the motherboard. I planned on putting ubuntu on it, but ran into a problem:

On start I get a BIOS 0270 real time clock error. XP boots, but integrated sound playback is slowed considerable (like slowing down a spinning record, not load times or stuttering), as are visual effects (windows fading in and out) but other things run fine (internet surfing, running programs).

I ran Ubuntu live and everything works fine, even audio playback. Is there some fundamental difference in the two operating systems where a real-time clock error would obstruct functions in windows but not ubuntu? If anyone could provide me with information, or where to find it I'd appreciated.

The harddrive, and windows were not changed. These problems were nonexistent before the "repair."

BTW - I plan on sending it back so they can fix it again, I just thought this was very strange and would like to understand why/how this could occur. It doesn't make sense to me with my current understanding of computer architecture and operating systems.