View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installation does not start

April 22nd, 2008, 07:44 AM
Hello all.
I am a newcomer to Linux.
I have been using Windows for some years and is getting more and more annoyed about it. Thus I deceided to try out Linux on my old laptop.

I have choosen Ubunto and downloaded the ISO file for release 7.10
I have checked it with winmd5sum and burned it with infra recorder.

When inserting the CD and rebooting I get the menu but nevertheless which menu item I chooses some lines of text appeares and the last three are:

[ 26.840291]EIP:[<c011fbbc]kmap_atomic_prot+0xbc/0xc0 ss:esp.0068:de707bcc
[ 26.840444]kernel panic - not syncing:attempted to kill init!
[ 26.993340]switched to high resolution mode on cpu 0

Have tried with the alternate disc as well and the ordianry version of xubundo and the same happens.

The system is a Medion MD6100 laptop bought in 2003
It has a 2.6GHz pentium 4 processor, 512mb ram, a Nvidia 488go graphics card, a 40GB HDD and a combined CD-RW and DVD drive.
The current system is Win XP SP2

Hope thet someone knows what to do.


April 22nd, 2008, 10:09 AM
Hello again. I have come around my linux problems by using the 6.06lts version. It did run without problems.