View Full Version : CD security problems.

April 20th, 2008, 02:13 AM
I recently managed to install several games succesfully, Empire Earth I, with the expansion pack, and Empire Earth II, with the expansion pack, both in ubuntu gutsy, under the latest version of wine (0.9.59). however, both of these games are very very] touchy when it comes to security. you cannot play multiplayer when two people are using the same disk, because it actually goes so far as to scan the CD key, and make sure they are identical. this only happens on empire earth 2, and the reason we have that is for multiplayer, as I am not a serious gamer, but like to play thought-provoking games with human players. We bought another disk, but I ran into another problem: Wine will not recognize my CD as the correct CD. it thinks I have an illegal copy, or am using a backup, and keeps telling my to put the correct disk in the drive. How do I fix that?

also, do not suggest a cd crack, I already did that, but the game is so secure, that, when attempting to play multiplayer, it detects that two different .exe files are being used. ugh...

thanks in advance, guys!