View Full Version : Not enough Space?

April 17th, 2008, 08:26 PM
It seems like this is the best place for it, so here goes.

I'm currently installing WoW on my ubuntu 7.10. It's been good until now. I have both burning crusade and the original wow downloaded via the free trial.

However, after i boot up the installer, and press "accept", it goes to the "where to install" screen. I have a good 36.5 gigs available on my hard drive. However, the installer says i dont have enough space for a 4.06g file. I checked the WoW installer guide on ubuntu wiki, and did the troubleshooting page that it linked to, but nothing.

Could i have some help please? Did i not configure wine correctly or something?

Edit: Oh. I guess i needed to do a computer restart after winecfg. Never mind then.