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April 13th, 2008, 01:27 PM

I love seing policy kit popping up here and there,
as a java developer i always have to gksudo my applications (which i hate...).

where can i find some more information about policy kit? (does it belong to hal?)
is it even possible to use it from java?

all the best,

April 13th, 2008, 01:44 PM
If you can access Dbus from Java (I don't use Java) maybe these instructions (http://www.murrayc.com/blog/permalink/2008/02/07/gnome-lirc-properties-using-policykit-to-get-sudo-access/) can help you a bit. The instructions are aimed at Python programmers but it shouldn't be too hard to adapt them for Java.

April 13th, 2008, 01:46 PM
looks great! thanks, you saved me hours of google searches :)