View Full Version : Wine not detecting CD-ROM

April 13th, 2008, 09:52 AM
Hi Guys

Im having an issue with WINE which was non existent up until yesterday when i removed wine and installed i again.

After I installed wine everything seemed t run ok, IE i could execute .exe files without error

however when i went to install something from CDROM i get a message saying "put DISC X into Drive"

but the disc is already in the drive

if i navigate to /home/graham/.wine/dosdevices/d:
I can see the contents of the disc.

The weird thing is I know its not the the game as I have installed this game before without error (RA2)

I'm thinking something has happened a config file somewhere thats telling wine to look else where for the CDROM drive, problem is i don't know where that is. any help is really appreciated