View Full Version : I'm back - server business

April 7th, 2008, 07:52 PM
I'm back after a brief absence. I've been busy as you can get with this new business my dad and I have set up.

We're doing Ubuntu servers in the Eastern Ohio area. My dad got the deal of the century from a HAM friend of his that owns a computer shop. The guy literally just gave us all the servers he's stockpiled at his house and rights to all future servers he gets.

They're not brand new but that's no big deal. We've decided to take the servers and start a small business selling them as Ubuntu servers. We don't make a killing at it but it's ok money.

If any of you know of anyone who needs a midrange server with Ubuntu preinstalled let me know please.


April 9th, 2008, 03:42 AM
What are the server specs and price range? I live in Portsmouth and may be interested.