View Full Version : My New toys: 19inch monitor and Nvidia 4000

October 13th, 2005, 12:46 AM
Man in still in sticker shock and I mean this in a good way. Today my Dad and I went monitor shopping and I did some phone research before going so I was set to lay down some big bucks for a new monitor as my 17" was fading in on boot after the vid card booted then almost at the end of the regular boot. Anyways I was looking for a 19 viewable but found out that they are very rare in stores. Anyways the one place I knew had a nice viewsonic 19" whent bankrupt so that left that out. Anyways after checking two stores my dad on a whim suggested we go to Staples buisiness depot which turned out to be a good thing.

Well I talked to tecki and he explained that they dont carry the huge crt monitors anymore and there was a better chance in hell of finding one so after thinking for a bit which is what I useualy do I devided on the 19". The sales man also explained to me that they where selling the crts for the price they got them for (they also sell viewsonic lcds so I figure there helping them liquidate) and that after there stock was gone there will be no more crts as it costs them the same price to ship 1 crt as 10 lcd's.

Now this is the part that has me in shock. The price display stated it was $250 which is cheaper than the store that whent belley up which had theres for $299, another store I whent to has a no name for @299, the first store I when,t to had a half decent monitir for about $320. Anyways I decided to grab a vid card a Nvidia GeFOrce MX 400 128meg video card for $80. Now this is the realy funny part the price at the teller for the monitor showed up as $230 as there the other price was with a drop at the store warreny which is not a problem for me as I can call my dad and head to Toronto to drop it off if it need repair. Now the thing that gets me is I was expecting to spend about $350 on the monitor alone and I ending up spening $400 for the same make monitor with better dpi and brightness modes for games reading etc.

Now as for my experiences so far with a 19" monitor I migrated from a $17 which doesnt seem like a biggie but the difference is huge. Not only do you gain 2 inches it allows for higher screen res that makes a huge difference in screen area. Theres also two ways of looking at it, bigger icons and text for visualy inpared people or huge screen space for what ever (possibly dock app, need to track down some DDR ram lol). Well if you are considering upgrading to 19" I can tell you you will not be dissipointed.

October 13th, 2005, 01:02 AM
Congrats on your newly acquired monitor (at a very good price too).

I dont know if this is a big thing too (but for me it is already a big bargain)..Went to Walmart and saw a the tag showing a 17" LCD monitor (Benq) for $170 (store display). So I asked for another one but they said it was sold out. But they have brand new 15" LCD for $150 (which was previously tagged $397). That is what I got (replaced my old 17" CRT for LCD) and I reclaimed a bigger portion of my computer desk (now I have a place to put all my downloaded Linux OS that I've transffered to CDs which I'm giving out to my officemates so they can try linux).