View Full Version : Suggestion regarding the quick reply post.

April 4th, 2008, 07:06 PM
It's been pretty couple of days of my stay in this lovely place..really cool icons and theming using regular vBulletin...has just created a grate work experience may be that must have been one of the reason that bounded me to Ubuntu in spite of being a regular FreeBSD user.
And after all these days being really building up my buddy list and having a good relation with all our members I thought there wouldn't be any matter in sharing few suggestions about our forum.

well actually when ever I reply anyone I use the quick reply button and reply any posts..which would neglect loading of a fresh page..But without posting a fresh reply I can't subscribe the question..Is there anyway we can create an option to subscribe for my post right from quick reply button? may be a checkbox right between "Quote message in reply?" and "Show your signature"? that would be really useful for users like me who are clumsy to reload a page to reply others :)