View Full Version : A streaming tip for linux users

March 27th, 2008, 05:45 PM
Well I had always been looking for something easy to use and that works to stream my stuff on my laptop(linux) to my ps3.Well I found it it is called MediaTomb.It is made for debain and ubuntu and is simple to install.I would just like to explain how to install it and give a brief explanation how it works.

You go to the site of it and full the simple step by step.
All I had to do was do the wget and then get the .deb :).

2.setting it up
Well this is where I was like wtf is this a virus!!!The reason is because I never found it.So I went to the grandfather terminal and typed mediatomb and bang it told me what to do.All I had to do was copy a ip and paste it.With that I am in the program(online that is :o).

3.Now to add the stuff to stream
Well this was a bit strange but,after a few rounds I was like hey this is simple.You click filesytem,then go to your files,find the one you want,click the +sign,and then you have added that file.

4.now how to get this all going
Well this was simple with my ps3 I just clicked find servers it found 2(both mediatomb) I clicked the bottom one,found my simpsons video,then watched it :).

5.Any downsides?
Well in my mind yes and no.
It is a online server so after you leave it your files get deleted :(.
That is also a good thing so your bandwidth(I think that is what its called)does not get toke up.

So yeah this program works and streams nicely :).Although my ps3 wanted to through a fuss at first....

Edit:Oh yeah the link here you go :).http://mediatomb.cc/