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March 20th, 2008, 09:18 AM
Xarquid has announced that Ubuntu Team South Carolina will be applying for “Official Status” before the Ubuntu LoCo Council in May. If this goal is to be accomplished, we must meet certain standards. The Ubuntu Council requires 4 things from LoCo's to be awarded official status according to their FAQ:

Resources - you should have a mailing list set up, IRC channel on Freenode and have some wiki pages set up on http://wiki.ubuntu.com/. More details on setting these resources up can be found in LoCoTeamHowto.

Membership - Do you have members in your group? Are the mailing list and IRC channel resources active?

Roadmap - Do you have an idea of what you want to achieve and which projects the group should work on?

Experience - What have you done so far? Have you done any advocacy, translations, exhibitions, support or other activities? We recommend you have done at least three activities before you apply for approval.

Things we have accomplished

Mailing List

IRC Channel

Wiki (needs work)

Membership (more are always welcome)

Things we Must accomplish


Wiki needs work

We need a list of the things we have accomplished

Website needs work

Before the Team can move forward, these topics must be addressed in the time frame given. (the end of April) Xarquid also has proposed the idea of sub teams (click here for discussion) With the formation of sub teams we can easily accomplish these few goals.

With all that being stated, these should be the topics of the meeting on March 27th:

We need to establish a bit of structure to the team by forming sub-teams consisting of

I.A Wiki Team

II.A Website Team

III.A Charter Team

The Website Team has the following responsibilities

I.Getting the website and blog in order ie. adding graphics and pertinent information

II.Making sure that all of the links work.

III.Collect ideas from the Team in the forums and/or IRC and implement them.

IV.Graphic design

The website itself is actually in pretty good shape, it seems to function well, but it might need a thorough review just for proofreading, link checking, and functionality; Also there is a link to the teams blog there. Everyone is welcome to submit posts to the Website Team for the blog. Everyone has an opinion, and everyone has had various experiences regarding Ubuntu or perhaps the team itself. Lets each take a few minutes and put some of those opinions and experiences down and submit them to the Website Team for the blog!

The Wiki team has the following responsibilities which are pretty much the same as the Web Team

I.Add graphics and change the order of the Wiki itself (Discussion was started but needs more input from the team)

II.Collect ideas from the team as to what other content we want displayed on the Wiki and implement them

III.Link checking and proofreading

IV.Graphic design

Discussion was started about the layout of the Wiki, but voice your opinion, Look at other team Wiki's for some ideas. I don't think we need to copy, but this is our face the public and prospective members see. Lets make it, (the Wiki) the Website, and Blog look nice, and provide valuable information to visitors!

The Charter Team (also called a Core Team) has the following responsibilities:

I.Coordinate all efforts around other teams

II.Come up with ideas for the teams

III.Contribute to the efforts of the teams

IV.Roadmap Ideas

V.Compile a list of accomplishments of the group

As far as the Roadmap goes, the team belongs to all of us. What do YOU want to do in Team South Carolina? What would YOU like to see Team South Carolina Involved in? I don't believe this topic has been addressed yet. (or very little) An I have had, is distributing Distro CD's (Ubuntu Kubuntu Xubuntu Gobuntu) within the state, or supporting local public school systems with installing and educating them on Ubuntu/Linux has been mentioned several times in the forums. These are longer term goals, but we need ideas to put on paper for the official status to be awarded to us. Lets start discussions – throw out some ideas and dreams, then report them to the Charter Team!

In summation, we need to discuss and form the 3 groups. We need to have ideas and proposals for each of the groups, and we need volunteers to commit! As Xarquid has stated: this isn't a job, it should be fun! What are your talents and how do they fit in to the agenda? Can you spend a little time to help the group and have a good time in the process?

We should have a new meeting on IRC in mid April to discuss the approval application, and to start tying up the loose ends from the March projects, and making sure we have crossed our i's and dotted our t's!

Everyone has an opinion, PLEASE voice it and participate

March 20th, 2008, 04:06 PM
Could not have said it better ;-)

Right on!!!

Everyone read that and read it again. It's where we're heading and where we are all heading fast!

We're on target for May. All we need is your help, assistance and a bit of volunteerism and continued, active discussion.



March 27th, 2008, 10:40 PM
Don't forget about the Blog!

March 30th, 2008, 06:55 PM
I will get to posting agenda for the upcoming month within the next 48 hours. And I didn't forget about the blog ;-)

We'll get that prototype up and running ASAP before any main links are given out. I'd like content and content contributors (and topics, of course...) before any linkage.