View Full Version : OFFICIAL Team Status - When? May, of course.

March 18th, 2008, 05:45 AM
Ubuntu Team South Carolina WILL be applying for OFFICIAL team status before the Ubuntu LoCo Council / Ubuntu Council in May. These are my hopes and aspirations. I am passing this onto the team. Our Charter will need to become a fully fleshed out Charter by the end of April with this being said. Not only this but a few other things will need to occur...

Most of the discussion at the upcoming meeting will focus around what we will need to do to prepare for this.

This will mean a busy month for us in April and May. And I will really, really need some volunteers to help leading up some efforts to help "beautify" certain pieces of our pages. I will need some leaders, some helpers and other things :-)

I mainly just need some help! And really some people that just love what they do and follow through with what they promise.

I don't need HUGE commitments. Please, please do not over commit. I do not want burnt out members. I really, really understand if an hour or two a week is all you can do (I really do). And this is enough for me (or even 30 minutes of a graphic). Heck, an hour or two in a month spent helping beautifying a Wiki is enough. But if you have 10 hours to spare in a month, that is fine too.

I'll let you be the judge. However, whatever you commit -- please commit it. I would really like to be able to rely upon those that commit.

This will all help the process move along more smoothly.




P.S. - Why May? Spring! I was born on April 25th. I'm a Spring baby. So, I think Spring is a great time for things to be born...while the team is still in its infancy, now almost "out of the womb" (if this is even a good phrase)...and we are pushing for it to become official (now I just could not help myself...) we have to be born officially into team status!

May is the perfect time for this.

Let's make it happen.=D>