View Full Version : Clickfest Stratagy games?

March 13th, 2008, 10:51 PM
I've recently replaced my wife's video card with a higher specced GeForce only to find that for some odd reason, Windows refuses to load with it. In a flight of fancy, I decided to try installing Ubuntu on her machine (I already use it). The problem is, she's a bit of a gamer.

I've gotten WoW, Civ4, and most of her other favorites working with Wine and gotten her into a few new ones as well but she still wants Windows for one reason. ArcadeTown (www.arcadetown.com). She's addicted to their "Arcade" games like Sally's Salon, Dinner Dash, Nanny Mania and the like. These all use Active X which is not something I've seen working. Does anyone know of a site that has the same type of games playable with Firefox?

Thanks in advance for any replies.