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March 13th, 2008, 01:06 PM
Recently, the European Union imposed a penalty of 899 on Microsoft, this has been the biggest fine ever for Microsoft. And now Microsoft is forced, and he said that he would really do this now, to release the complete documentation of his communication protocols. At this point, I can't really imagine what communication protocols means? Is the ACPI included? Do you think it would have any positive impact on the development of Linux?

EU press release (http://europa.eu/rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=IP/08/318&format=HTML&aged=0)

March 13th, 2008, 01:10 PM
It 899 Million Euros, not just 899!

The protocols are basically what we know as samba, so it will make it easier to network to Windows system and integrate with Active Directory.


March 13th, 2008, 01:13 PM
Yes, sorry. It is in millions. So, basically, no impact on normal users?

March 13th, 2008, 03:37 PM
Read this:

Does not look very good..