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March 13th, 2008, 03:54 AM
First off, Id like to say hi to the community. /wave
Im new here but have been trying to spread the word about Linux (& usually Ubuntu flavors) for a couple years now.

I emailed someone from the CoLo team but havent heard back yet so figured I should come here for my question. I get asked to speak at schools occasionally. If it happens to be younger children, I focus on Edubuntu but was wondering where I could acquire some official Ubuntu or Edubuntu cds? I just thought theyd be a nice gift to the kids, having their own, personal, official cds. Im in the Los Angeles area.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I also look forward to being a part of the community (& hopefully contributing, at some point).

-miguel aka techivist

March 13th, 2008, 04:16 AM
Get 'em while their young!


March 24th, 2008, 08:33 AM
thanks mjamesd! I found that link a bit later but was bummed I could only "order" 2. I guess those will just be the special 2 that go to the kids w/the best questions. :lolflag: