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March 9th, 2008, 07:37 PM
Hi all, i have suggested a new feature for Ubuntu a system to share '/var/cache/apt/archives' folder on lan or on internet with a p2p or NFS sharing system.
to see all details and vote visit:


Thank you all.


My post on brainstorm.ubuntu.com:

Hi all,
i would like to share my folder '/var/chache/apt/archives' on my lan or on internet.

I have 3 pc in my lan. All with ubuntu, naturally!

I have solved with a NFS-sharing of all apt-archives-folders of all pc. and then i have added all network folders in all sources.list of all pc. This way works but is very tedious to make on 3 pc in my home of 200 square meters. In a company with 50 pc is not practicable. I think that a p2p system integrated with synaptic, that suggests and encourages the user to share archives folder, is the best way (or, alternatively, a tool that makes an nsf-sharing of '/var/chache/apt/archives' folder and update sources.list).

Thank you all for this beautifull and powerfull linux-distro.