View Full Version : Wish I could attend meetings... :(

February 27th, 2008, 07:05 AM
This post might be consider a waste of space, but I am venting and not many people use the Utah forum anyway so I am going to do it.


I don't get to attend the Lug meetings etc because of stupid work. Which is stupid. Alll I do is chop up animals Yes, thats right chop them up, I am a butcher. Ironic that I am a duck and a butcher.... hum... Also, my stupid Banshee player isn't updating the Lug meetings via podcast properly and I don't like the Rythm box. It's import feature is stupid, and why are there two programs to rip your music?

More freedom? Well not really because I was the freedom to push a button that does it all, thus using Banshee. I think Banshee should be the main player, however, the obvious, it's not developed as far as Rythm. (Dan iPod nano only works with Rythm, good job guys) I don't get it, can't the Banshee dudes talk to the Rythm guys and get some code or something to make the iPod work? I Guess I can't be too angry, after all the program is free and they have all done a super sweet job making it. I just am sour that I am not smart enough to "be that man" that did the iPod plugin or something. Bummer....

Anyway, Ubuntu is awesome and long live open source code, that brings us all together.

The Net Duck