View Full Version : Eye of Gnome Slideshow/command Line

February 26th, 2008, 03:01 PM
I've been playing with setting up slideshows from the command line with Eye of Gnome and it works GREAT, thank you.

I do have some small feature requests though. I looked for an Eye Of Gnome specific forum on the web and didn't find one, (Probably my ignorance of how the gnome development website operates), but I thought I would post it here and hope it gets to the right people.

Two very small request would make eog the perfect slideshow tool for me.

1: An option to flip through the slides in a random order would be very nice.

2: The ability to control all of the slideshow preferences from the command line. Specifically, it would be GREAT if I could set the slideshow image delay from the command line. AND, if you added an option for a randomized slideshow, being able to control that from the command line would be fantastic.

Again, thank you for an incredible product. I'm finding it absolutely amazing how well linux apps are managing to fulfill my computing needs.