View Full Version : how to touch type numerical keys on keyboard [not numpad]

February 25th, 2008, 04:40 PM
i want to know how many of you would touch type those numerical keys just over the alphabetic keys on keyboard but not those on the numpad? since my keyboard drawer is so small, and my mouse always hit the right side of my keyboard, i am considering buying a keyboard without numpad so that my mouse could have more space to surf. but i use to type numerical keys and /*-+ keys from the numpad. i know the speed is slower in this way if i have to type so many number+alphabet combination text. but i was so lazy to learn typing the numerical key over the alphabetic key at that time. now i find it is very difficult to type those key because my fingers have to jump to row from the home row! and the -=\ are to troublesome to my little finger. is it correct that the fingers correspond to '1' is 'a', '2' is 's, '3' is 'd' ....... ?
and do you feel uncomfortable with those modern keyboards which those key are so 'thin and flattened'. the keys on my keyboard [7 yr old] 'pop out' from the board in a greater extend than those modern keyboard. i went to the store and find out this type of keyboard becomes rare. keyboards without numpad is only available in those 'thin and flatened keys. i tried them in the library and it felt not so good. i like my old keyboard [although it is noisy at night!] i cannot find the 'old' type small keyboard in the store!

P.S. i have to type a lot of math formulae on open office math, so i think my typing method is to stupid -- typing alphabets on the left and number on the right. also i need to type /*-+[]{}!<>" '^= frequently. the keyboard drawer is under my desk, and my writing board [i don't know how to say this in english, sorry!] desk cannot be retract back inside the desk since there are so many books and stationery on the writing board. so the only way to type is do the touch typing [should it be 'blind type'?] it is good for me for just typing alphabet but not numeric+signs. so i learn to use my mouse on both hands though i am right-handed: when i have nothing to type i put the mouse on the writing board i use left hand when i have nothing to type -- browse the web.. etc.. when i have to use open offfice math i have to put my mouse back to the keyboard drawer and use right hand --i have to copy and paste [ctrl + C/V] but 'c' and 'v' are located on the left

February 25th, 2008, 04:43 PM
I never use the numpad, and always use the numbers on the keyboard. They are perfectly arranged and easy to hit.

(I can do the symbols as well, without thinking)

You can get a clicky keyboard if you want the model M type.

If you type properly, your fingers should never leave the home row, even when typing numbers.

February 25th, 2008, 07:05 PM
thanks, the number row is two rows above the home row, so it is difficult

February 25th, 2008, 08:26 PM
I made a "xmodmap" file that let me touchtype with using a numberpad only, I originally made it to use with PDA's and things, I gave up after completing it.
It took me 1 day to accurately touch type with it but my speed never got to an impressive speed so I just stopped using it.

You could use xmodmap, there are plenty of tutorials out there on making custom keymaps. I think ubuntu comes with xmodmap installed.