View Full Version : Photshop CS2 Upgrade

February 23rd, 2008, 07:25 PM
Hello Folks...

I'm trying desperately to install Photoshop CS2...but here's the kicker:
I have a (valid) Creative Suite CS2 disk, but its an upgrade version to the Creative Suite CS disk i have

Heres the issue:
When I install in wine, I get to a screen which asks for me to put in my previous version of Creative Suite (CS) to validate the upgrade key. When I do this, and select Next, nothing happens. It doesn't seem to see it on my Creative Suite CS disk.

So...as a workaround, I tried installing Photoshop CS (using my Creative Suite CS disk) instead, but when I get to the step where I enter the Serial Number, again its not seen as valid???

Anyone know why wine cannot seem to reference the serial number I am typing from the disk? I know the serial is correct because I have this installed on a windows machine.

Thanks in advance.