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February 22nd, 2008, 12:23 AM
Has anyone besides me checked out Swiftweasel? Basically its optimized Firefox for certain CPUs. It seems to be much faster then Firefox (albeit a bit more CPU/RAM hungry) even with some about:config tricks used. The site is http://swiftweasel.tuxfamily.org/ and they have a Ubuntu/Debian repository on there. To me Swiftweasel is a lifesaver because it saves me the trouble to recompiling Firefox -O3 (Yah, I am a geek, my browser MUST be the fastest it can be) every time.

February 22nd, 2008, 12:31 AM
If you do a search here, you'll see no end of it.

Completely pointless IMNSHO.

February 22nd, 2008, 12:34 AM
Yes, I use SW. I'm on 3b2 right now and like it far more than standard FF.