View Full Version : ** All about the Thanks feature **

February 20th, 2008, 07:40 PM
Recently, the ability to Thank posters was implemented in this forum. Here is a rundown on how it works so far.

You can Thank someone by clicking on the gold star on the blue ribbon icon which is next to the "Quote" button on other people's posts. (In Red)

You can see how many Thanks one has by looking at their profile. (In Blue)


"Thanks" == How many times this poster Thanked someone.

"Thanked..." == How many times this poster was Thanked, and in how many posts.

A few notes:

* The Thanks feature doesn't show up on posts that were in existance before it was implemented.
* The option to remove the Thanks shows up after you Thank someone.
* Not all forums have this feature.
* The ability to thank a post seems to disappear after 60 days.

Also, Thanking a post is a good way to show appreciation. Do not Thank posts that you do not find useful. Abusing the feature may lead to new rules, or other actions.

If the forum staff see forum members asking other members to thank them, either within a post or in a signature, the requesting members thanks may be deleted for that post, or even all of them. This is a feature intended to give recognition to helpful posts and users, not a popularity contest.

If you want to try it out, you can remove the Thanks by click on the link where the Thanks button would be if it weren't already Thanked.