View Full Version : help for Editplus!

September 29th, 2005, 08:20 AM
Dear all:

I have a problem when using Editplus2 in ubuntu using one. few questions like below:

1. how to install it and creat a shortcut at Desktop without everytime run root terminal

2. when i run editplus in webprogramming find that upload file .css to ftp stacked at 100%...how to solve it?

3. got another program just for linux can replace editplus?(both highlight and ftp upload function)
I find a few such as:
Quanta Plus, Problem: can't find kde-config file, means not support for GNOME.
PHP Designer 2005, powerful but control by ActiveX unstable in linux use wine
all seems not better than editplus so far,huh....I am quite fed up already, cause my boss is waiting for this project, should i change back to Windows or pls pls help me find a nice shareware to solve this problem quickly,thank you very much!!!!!