View Full Version : Non Synatic Software Forum section.

September 29th, 2005, 01:04 AM
Not shure if they will allow this though It would go a long way to helping newbies and general Ubuntu users in geneneral. Synatic is great till you want something that is not main stream say for argument a music making synthisiser. Anyways a new forum section pertaining to unsupported software could be laid out in sections and contain external programs links and user reviews for users looking for things that are not avaialbe in synpatic and currently probably will not make it into synaptic.

Basicly a forum based tucows for Linux. This may also carry over to other Deb distros web forums and lead to more software packages for unbuntu that are developed by the community. Also the end result is that the packages are reviewed and rated by the users and hopefully lead by users finding the most affective software packages weeding out unaffective software packages resulting in a nicer Ubuntu experiance for Ubuntu users.

There may also be a request section where other users may recomend software solutions saving a lot of ground work and frustation from programs that are difficult to install. The end result will greatly benifit Ubuntu for little or no overhead and may result in a project that achieves what would take a long time very quickly.

October 2nd, 2005, 02:12 AM
Kind of seen how this would be hard to make but came up with an idea of how it could be done though it would take a lot of work to work properly.

Came up with a forum within a forum layout. So from the main Ubuntu page the link would open another sub main page (Layout) with the different sections wich would contain individual software packages and notes where users may write software reviews or dependacies and fixes for compiling etc. Also it may be made so that a search from within the sub main, software would only search in the new software section. Also there could be forms for the software such as meta,description, type etc.

This may possibly also be used for future sections such as thems etc. This also allows for future forum sections such as dual Gnome/KDE dual wm sections etc.