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February 13th, 2008, 09:02 PM
Any TCL / Java / Eggdrop developers interested in helping with MootBot? It's a very interesting project. I'm going to be helping on it in the next few days once I get some kernel/HAL bugs resolved that I've been experiencing on Hardy and even upstream in Debian.

More information is here:

And the Launchpad page is at:

It's still 0.1a and in development. We will NOT be using it in our meetings anytime soon until the major bugs are worked out. We will continue to manually vote, log etc. our meetings (it is best this way anyways, who needs a bot with meetings with less than 20 or so people?).

"Meeting bots" are only needed if massive meetings are going on...regular epic/irssi/BitchX logs are fine for anything else.

Just wanted to see if we have any eggdrop/TCL developers here who may be willing to contribute.


Craig Huffstetler / xq / xarquid