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September 25th, 2005, 12:56 PM
Who wrote this and why?
I get the impression it was written by an expert, for people like himself who are experts and, well, don't need it. It seems to come so close to being useful and then doesn't help at all. Given I know:

Vendor: Sony Corporation
Device: Memory Stick Controller
Status: Status
Bus type: PCI
Device Unknown
Capabilities: Unknown

The only "Management" I can do is "submit data" - and even that doesn't seem to anything but say I have a laptop with some information that comes on the outside of the packaging.

Is there a driver for this device? If so, which package is it in, and why didn't the hardware detction find it? Is it (un)mounted on /dev/? where? If I knew that, I could atleast write the fstab entry.

More importantly, for my continued use of ubuntu, why has it found my serial port and a few others, but not my second monitor port? I use this mc to do presentations and it is useless without it. I would move back to Debian, but it takes a week to install...

Petr. ](*,)