View Full Version : Experienced Drupal Users?

February 6th, 2008, 02:36 PM
I am hoping some fellow members with experience in using Drupal can help me out. I have posted this question over at the Drupal forum but haven't gotten any replies yet.


I have installed the Gmap, Locations and Views modules for Drupal. I have obtained a Google API key for the site I am working on. I am able to create gmap macros in order to display Google maps inside pages and stories. I also am familiar with the 'low tech' method of adding markers to a google map by inserting the data into the macro.

I have also set up a Node Location map which displays Node locations (I am using this to display project locations around the world by creating a page for each project).


I have three issues/questions:

1. Can I display the Node Locations map on the frontpage of my site inside a page or story?

2. How can I edit the design and layout of the node locations page?

3. Can I configure other maps to also show node locations?

Thanks very much.