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January 29th, 2008, 07:01 AM
I just had 5 infraction point given for

Insulting a staff member.

These were given by p_quarles in response to my message to him saying

"now you cover each others tracks".

I initially received an infraction point from user LaRoza for allegedly insulting forum members (matter still being looked into) to which I posted my opinion in the same thread. My post was subsequently moved by user p_quarles, when I checked the thread I found a link saying post
moved clicking on the link sent me to a 'single post' page, there was no information as to where it had been moved to.

Being as I was still reeling from my perceived unfair misuse of authority by LaRoza and also LaRoza's dereliction (in my opinion) of his duties I in my haste sent a message to p_quarles suggesting that he was covering up LaRoza's mistake (my opinion). I soon received a PM stating why and where my post had been removed.

Had I gotten the explanation before the post had been removed I wouldn't have sent the accusatory message to p_quarles. I feel it is a little harsh that the timing of the system messages coupled with my anger over staff members judgement has led to me being punished with 5 infraction points. I am not asking to be excused for what I said, it was in the event wrong, however based on the behaviour I had just seen by another staff member I don't think it was wrong under the circumstances I sent it.

I have explained this and apologised to p_quarles in PM following which there has been no reply. I wish to have these 5 points revoked based on the whole mess surrounding them.

January 29th, 2008, 08:45 AM
The fact that you were prepared to act inappropriately towards staff , the infraction points will stay until they expire

January 29th, 2008, 09:52 AM
I expected nothing less. 1 rule for members another for staff.

January 29th, 2008, 10:28 AM
inversekinetix, I am going to recommend a bit of time away. You are coming across in a very passive aggressive manner and it is making it extremely difficult to listen to your actual concerns, which I will not respond to at the moment as KiwiNZ has already done an adequate job in this thread, and because you seem so emotionally connected to the issue that I believe a logical discussion with you about them is not currently possible, in this thread or in your others.

I would like to request that you take a few days off, maybe a week, from the forums.

Go outside, get some fresh air. Sit in a cafe with your friends. Think about something else for a while.

After that, come back and let's see if we can discuss your issues without all the emotional and aggressive noise interfering.

This isn't a threat. I'm not issuing a ban or a temporary ban or anything. This is a request that I am making in the hopes that we will be better able to communicate with one another after the immediacy of the feelings has diminished. In any case, in what appears to be your current emotional state, communication on this issue is going to be fruitless. It is not possible to have a positive conversation with someone who is being passive aggressive and dealing out backhanded insults.