View Full Version : 3D games ( with wii googles )

January 23rd, 2008, 09:28 PM
after reading about actuall 3D cubes (http://www.wiimoteproject.com/project-ideas/wiitrack-wiimote-headtracking-desktop-environment-t139.0.html), (haven't tested it yet as my good computer is at my parents house)

i was wondering how possible actual 3d games would be? You'd probably need a big screen to encompass your peripheral vision otherwise 3d objects would be limited to stuff thats coming out of "you" or going past "you".
For OSS games would it just require recompiling against a modified opengl library or would it need a rewrite of the game?
How does opengl work could you modify your libraries to affect how games run without recompiling?

If 3D opengl comes soon perhaps it can reclaim game development and .'. encourage people to port to linux as it will be less work :D

other than that the wii gogles would be prety useless unless we start using 3d cameras!

i leave you with the thought of playing UT and having a rocket come out of the screen and hit you in the FACE!