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September 20th, 2005, 05:12 AM
Yes ya here Im sittin and had some thoughts about some matter that wasent so technical.
In one way you can say Linux is very hard heavy, but in the other hand you can say that it's much more user friendly then most of what Ive heard about linux.
When I go in Swedisch computer forums they talk like linux is, so hard that they do not want to touch it.Even when they really can their computer bios insde and out, they bulid their gaming rig or server.
I have never learnt so much in so short period of time since Ive discoverd linux for say maximum of 10 days ago.Not that I not leard my lesson in windows, but that some how was glue in that ****, I cant say if my skills are more better
(wich my skills are) but windows are so sqare and cant be shaped at all, ubuntu I cant talk for some other distros ok fedora core, but that was a transport journey to what I should be debian.But I found ubuntu and this was the best 1,3 $ I spent on a cdrw I have done in my whole life.
But I know people that are more skilled then me and do not want to touch linux, I talked to programmers and skilled webdesigners in coffeshops.
I think that the whole arena in computing is about microsoft, every big company buy a big f-cking huge monstreous router and the best cisco firewall money can get and upgrade every 1 year.Can they say they have saved money then on the internet when you can get so much safer with linux with a yesterdays firewall.Some do say that you shouldent have a router or a firewall, I think I little company sholud have that, its a little safer.
But then we come in to this that "internet" is a time and money saving busniess and PR can get to like billions of people around the world.Yes this is obvious things but it does not mean sense in a world that we kick workers beacuse of, money saving.You talk of small structures and slim up, but they buy huge amount on safety on f-cking internet?
If they did know how easy to use and simple its to install, they can sell of that stuff and let some workers stay at their jobs for a year.Its better for everyone, and they can throw away all the nice server applikation programs for thousends of $ or .

This might sound that all I am saying is quite obvious but hey, some of the most obvious we see sometimes you can put in another perspective.
I hope some microsoft dude or linux dude goes to companies out their and sell of their crap and let more people not have to go from their work.
Linux is like scraping gold with a penknife if you meet the right, person