View Full Version : How does your company handle account creation?

Cerebral Lawlzy
January 17th, 2008, 10:19 PM
So the boss was talking to me and a few co-workers today about a way to better streamline our users account creation process. Currently users fax in forms and our support center will open a work order for our employee who does our account creations. Which just creates more problems than anything. Were currently working on an electronic version of the form to get faxing out the way but we still foresee some problems with it. I work in a health care environment so security is really important to us. We can't have any regular person requesting account access nor can we create every employee/new hire an account.

So I got to thinking - how do other people/companies handle account request? Searching the net didn't really yield much information. And after having some success here on the ubuntu forms for other issues I deal with. I thought I would ask.

Post/suggest away.