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January 17th, 2008, 08:11 AM
i came here to hear your opinions and suggestions and for your help.
owww... im nver good in math...

this may be more mathematical than ubuntu-ish... i need your help.

im currently developing a program to render a volume from a sequence of binary 2D images. i use C++ and a class library we use in school for computer graphics.

what im doing in 3d rendering is voxel-based.i use space carving algo. i am now able to render the volume but one of my main goals is this: compute the volume of the original object through those 2D input images.

iv researched about the calibration in this kind of processing but im all tangled up. i admit that im nver good in math.

the idea is, if 1 voxel is 1cm^3, and if the total of voxels are 500, that means the 3d object ive rendered is 500cm^3.

but it was just based on the images and the volume iv rendered, how will i transform that to the real world? (true volume)

one more thing,the orig dimensions of the imgs are 640x480. but coz i only hav limited comp. resources (single-core,512mb ram),i scaled them down to 267x200. with the same ratio of 1.35.

so, iv scaled the images down... 1 voxel in 267x200 is how many voxels in 640x480? is it 2.4? (640/267, 480/200)

so, if i hav 500 voxels in 267x200, is it equivalent to 1200 voxels in 640x480?

then... if it is (if it is...), i have 1200 voxels...1200cm^3
what if i precomputed the real world object and it has a dimension of(in cm) w=16, h=11, d=31...a volume of 5,456 cm^3... then what? how can i transform computation from those voxels to real world? how will i know that im right?

will it be right to set 1 voxel to 1 cm^3? and so, if it is, i have a ratio of 4.55 (5456/1200)--ratio of real world and images?

oh no... am i making any sense?pls..help me.

January 17th, 2008, 09:51 AM
If you have the real volume of the object and the amount of voxels you can get the the volume of each voxel easily:
x amount of voxels result in y volume
1 voxel result in ? volume.

(Actual calculation left as an exercice to the reader as I suspect this is homework, but it should help some)

Note that this only works if rounding error when converting from real world object to bitmaps is neglible.

January 17th, 2008, 10:28 AM
given the V real object is 5456 cm3, and a total of 1200 voxels,

1200 voxels result in 5456 cm3 in the real world
the volume of 1 voxel is 4.55 cm3 (5456/1200) ?
and 1200 voxels x 4.55 cm3 result in almost 5460 cm3. am i ryt?

January 17th, 2008, 04:56 PM
That is correct.