View Full Version : Emulation fans of music and games...

September 19th, 2005, 04:23 AM
Well, there are a few emulators I like to keep up to date (primarily zsnes and advancemame).
The latter is not included in Ubuntu at the moment...

I know how to make .debs with checkinstall... so far I've made one of the zsnes cvs, advmame .99 and the latest advancemenu.

As for emulated music, uade 1.03 (with bmp plugin).

What I'd like to know... (since I'm still sort of a n00b).
Should I host this on my website following the repository structure, or just a general webpage style with downloads and explanations (i.e install advmame before advmenu so it will autodetect, and to install a deb type sudo dpkg -i nameofdeb.deb and to remove sudo dpkg -r nameofdeb(without version number or extension)

Anyway I'd like to listen to emulated music tracks as I do in windows... an alternative in the mean time is to use winamp + plugins + wine... sort of a lame solution, but quite viable (even when on non-32-bit, QEMU + wine is a possibility).

Please respond with your thoughts. If you know an easy way to suggest getting these things in universe or "backports extras" I'd be happy to build the debs...

EDIT: One more thing... Is it worth while to do GPG or something to allow my debs to be verifiable as legit?