View Full Version : What is a "Smart Navigator" mouse replacement for a person who is paralyzed?

January 16th, 2008, 10:27 PM
I recently got an e-mail from someone curious about switching over to Ubuntu from windows who happens to be paralyzed. In their e-mail they said:

hi i am paralized an use a infared head control .called smartnavigator to operate my computer it takes place of the mouse it acts up with vista windows .can your linux work with it better and do you offer a free version of it.

I asked for more information about this interface/device they are using, but haven't heard back from them yet. In the mean time, does anyone else here know what he might be talking about? I was hoping to find a web link of the manufacture so I could read about what the device does and if Ubuntu might support it, or if some alternative might exist.

January 29th, 2008, 10:16 PM

I think that he is talking about the following:

In fact, it is a mouse replacement: you place a little reflective dot of a few mm on your spectacles, or on your forehead, or... By moving your head, a device similar to a camera follows the movement of the dot you are waering and translates it into movement of the pointer.

Some of these devices are completely "selfcontained" and the computer sees them as a normal mouse, requiring no extra driver to work. As far as I remember, the first models of the trackir were not self-contained and needed drivers to be installed on the computer to work. Unfortunately, I don't know how the current models work.

You can find alternatives in the comparison on the same site:
(By the way, I am using one of the selfcontained competitors.)

Have a nice day.