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January 13th, 2008, 07:14 PM
I guess this is two questions: "Automation forum?" and "Customizable terminal launch phrases?"

I have been searching for automation stuff a lot (keyboard shortcuts, keymapping, and tools/edits for doing this in Gnome/Ubuntu and other OS's, like Compwiz-fusion, xorg.conf, Katapult (or Launchy, Quicksilver, SlickRun, Autohotkey, etc.). I wasn't sure where to post my question.

There seems to be a great deal of interest in these topics given the number of hits I get when searching, and there's a lot of good information out there.

I think the forums would benefit (and better tools would be developed more rapidly) from a forum-level topic called 'Automation'. Maybe it's not popular enough for it's own segment; I don't know.

Coming from Windows I sure miss my SlickRun, and I think thousands of Linux users would appreciate a tool like that. A lot less typing for launching frequently-used tools.

Alt-F2 is close, but the missing piece is being able to customize text-based launching commands. So for instance when I hit Alt-F2 and begin typing 'mysql', that's what comes up - 'mysql'. So if I'm really wanting 'mysql-admin', I have to type the first 6 characters to get to my choice ('mysql-).

I'm not sure where Alt-F2's population file is stored; if I can find and edit it (if that's possible) I might be able to emulate what I want. In SlickRun there are only a few built-in commands (like 'add' to add a new command); the rest are chosen by the user. So in the example above I'd create a command for 'mysql-admin' but name it 'msa' or something.

Then when I hotkeyed into SlickRun (with Alt-F2, or the better Alt-space of Katapult) and started typing, i'd type 'm' and autofill would bring up the first 'm' entry, but by the time I got to 'ms' I would typically invariably only have 1 or 2 entries beginning with 'ms'. Two keystrokes vs. 6.

I think there might be away to emulate this using launchers and Alt-F2, but I sure don't know how to do it at this point.

I'd pay someone to develop this for me, maybe $75-$100. I'm sure this isn't a venue to solicit for that work, but does anyone have suggestions about how I might contract for that, or a good way to contact people who can build utilities like that? Of course I understand it would be open source - I'd want it to be because I think it could become very popular and helpful.

January 13th, 2008, 07:26 PM
Uhmm, the reason you can't find anything is because the tools have different names.

On Linux, you automate things using cron scripts or you bind programs to special function keys using xbindkeys, or you add a script to the initialization system in rc.local.



February 18th, 2008, 08:06 AM
I did manage to implement the hotstring like functionality of autohotkey in my program autokey. The link to it is in my sig.