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January 10th, 2008, 09:16 PM
My company, RedPost, has developed a first generation digital picture frame (err...digital sign): http://theredpost.com/kit/

We used DamnSmallLinux for our OS as the CPUs we were using were very slow and the motherboards had little integrated memory (128MB):
RedPost/OpenSource Sourceforge Project (http://sourceforge.net/projects/redpost/)

We've decided to switch to Ubuntu for the next generation of our OS for several reasons:
1) large installed base and developer community
2) good hardware support
3) focus on good design and simplicity
4) it's the only Linux OS we could get to work on Purdue's wonky wifi network

The next generation of our hardware will have:

1 GHz x86 processor
1 GB memory
19" widescreen (horizontal or vertical)
still cost the same as the original

I'm looking for an experienced Ubuntu-head to help over the next month or so customize a version of Ubuntu to do the following:

get Ubuntu to boot off USB flash drive
strip down Ubuntu to run faster, be very small (it has to fit on said flash drive)
optimize Firefox to run faster, use less memory (I can't wait for FF3)
get X to shut off the screen per a set schedule (to save power)
get screen rotation working (our screens are widescreen and can be horizontal or vertical)
get Flash 9 working
get working with wifi card (initially we'll just be using one brand)
integrate with our boot and config scripts

Nothing too fancy really.

And we'll pay! The rate's negotiable. If you're interested, send a resume or some sort of something documenting your experience and expertise with Ubuntu and why you'd like to work on this project to: jobs@theredpost.com


January 10th, 2008, 09:19 PM
just about the firefox thing, the beta's for firefox 3 are already out and are very nice :) (said while viewing the post in FF3 :D )

January 10th, 2008, 09:26 PM
yeah, but it seems like a bad idea to deploy something you need to work 99% of the time with a beta product...or maybe i'm just crazy :-)