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September 16th, 2005, 08:46 PM
This is to keep track of forum changes that are pending need to happen.

1. Change registered users to "Ubuntu Mocha Blend" no more random titles.
completed - 9/16

2. (3) new moderators who have already agreed to come on board.
completed - 9/16

3. Recruit (3) more moderators.
completed - 9/19

4. Eliminate supermod and combine supermod/mod into the same category. New title will be "Ubuntu Forum Team"
completed - 9/19

5. Optimize DB and remove top-10 panel on main page to improve forum speed.
completed - 9/15

6. Upgrade to vbulletin 3.5 to improve functionality and address some bugs.
completed - 9/25

7. Establish forum resolution team for dispute issues. Details can be read at the following URL:

8. Remove blogs from the forum, this will hinder our upgrade path in the future as it is a major vbulletin hack. Instead, users will be given 50MB hosting and a wordpress blog setup at "username.ubuntublog.org" details will follow on this over the weekend.
pending - scratched until further notice - 10/28/2005

9. Integrate forum/wiki username system. I have got the person to talk to from Mark Shuttleworth today during our conversation. I will be contacting them to hopefully get this situated ASAP.
pending -

Contacted Spiv, 9/19 this might be difficult to achieve because of our different platforms. However, still optimistic..

Contact spiv 9/25 to make sure he got previous email.

Still nothing back from anyone on this.. 10/28/2005

11/8/2005 Emailed spiv again I have created an api that will allow a user to be created from outside the forums. Waiting to hear back..

10. Fix permissions for forum staff
completed - 10/3

11. Add a testimonial forum..
completed - 9/19

12. Setup breezy forums to mod access to prepare.
completed - 9/18

13. Update General Forum Guidelines and Moderator Guidelines.
completed - 9/19

14. Added "The Backyard" a forum that is not moderated except for XXX and Personal Attacks against people or groups.
completed - 10/28

15. Added feature to USERCP/Modify Options allowing users to opt out of certain forums when doing searchs.
completed - 10/28

16. Adjusted the postition of the Beginners forum..
completed 11/2

17. Upgraded vbulletin to 3.5.1 and php to 4.4.1
completed 11/2

18. A prefix for the Customization Tips and Tricks is now in place. The prefix will be required before the post can be submitted. New posts will be passed through a moderation queue in order to keep the section clean. The Gnome and KDE sections will be merged into the main category and properly labled to help cut down on confusion. Currently posters can select from Gnome, KDE and General.
completed 11/8

19. Implement posts on the fridge (fridge.ubuntu.com) to the forums to allow discussions. I have created an API that will alow a post to be created from outside the forum by passing the variables and return the thread id so a link can be created. We have started to resume discussions on this and hopefully we will have a final conclusion soon.
pending 11/8

20. Create and implement a forum resolution team to handle forum complaints and disputes.
pending 10/1

This list is a work in progress of forum changes that are complete or pending. I will add to this and update whenever something on the forums changes etc.

November 9th, 2005, 09:43 PM
Item 9 and 19 updated..