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September 16th, 2005, 09:14 AM
Mods, move this if you feel it's appropriate, I didn't stick this in any networking forums as it's not a ubuntu specific thread.

Ok, I need advice from the community regarding monitoring of NICs. I need to quickly provide my management with a report on how much traffic every server on our network is generating that is headed to specific other servers or to the internet.

I need to be able to show average throughput as well as peak. So basically record all traffic to a log (using tcpdump I guess) and then query the historical data as required (mrtg maybe?) - ie. what was avg throuput between 9am and 5pm on XX Sept. etc. None of these are Ubuntu servers, but I prefer this forum to others. ;)

So the question is, what packages would you recommend?

And for bonus points, how do I do the same on the windows servers we run?

Whatever I use needs to be quick and easy, I got told to do this when I got in this morning and I need to produce a report end of play Monday.