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December 23rd, 2007, 09:59 AM
I think we just coined a new Ubuntu derivative. After an all night party I came hope picked up a supposedly broken laptop, and wondered whether I could manage to install a *buntu whilst too drunk to converse coherently by IM, at which point Tudrunktu (http://technomancer.me.uk/blog/tudrunktu) was born.

After applying some of the technomancer magic (mostly disbelieving that it's broken and then dropping it as detailed in linked article) I got from mythbuntu (frontend only) to ubuntu-desktop, thus proving just how user friendly the installer interface is. In the last HCI module I studied it was noted that excessive alcohol consumption was a good substitute for a user unfamiliar with a UI. My install success should be taken as a vote of confidence in the installer. It should be noted that I have done a lot of installs before, and Ubuntu is my main platform, however I have trashed many other distros by fiddling when drunk, and when I can be bothered to do a gentoo install I have learnt from experience to make sure I don't have any beers in the house :-)

Please kick me and this post appropriately if it ends up in the wrong place, I'm still quite fscked :)

December 24th, 2007, 04:50 AM
Not to be presented at a local AA meeting i suppose:lolflag:

December 24th, 2007, 04:57 AM
Minimum Requirements:

300 MHz x86 processor
64 MB of system memory (RAM)
At least 2 GB of disk space (for full installation and swap space)
VGA graphics card capable of 640x480 resolution
CD-ROM drive
A case of your preferred beer or a bottle of your favourite liquor