View Full Version : Why on Earth do people complain about the touch pad stuff?

Mr. Picklesworth
December 17th, 2007, 08:19 PM
This thing is awesome!

I just noticed that it cooperates with multi-finger tapping, in order to right click (three fingers) and middle click (two fingers). That is something I had previously given up on, accepting that only Apple seemed to ever do it.

A config tool, to say that I want middle click to instead be scroll wheel dragging, would be nice. Even so, this is way better than what I got in Windows. It does seem clever enough to lock dragging for middle click, which makes it a very useful tool.

I am happy :)

Maybe I am just lucky to have a touch pad that works well. How does yours work in Ubuntu?

December 17th, 2007, 08:21 PM
My ThinkPad's touch pad works perfectly, however, I don't really like them. I prefer the TrackPoint.

December 17th, 2007, 08:37 PM
Works good for me on two laptops. On my old one though, Ubuntu seems to be the only distro that gets it right.

December 17th, 2007, 08:41 PM
i have yet to get my touchpad to work like it used to on my HP dv6000. I want tap zones and locking drags, but didn't get zilch in the laptop section of the board here nor with a whole butt-ton of Googling.

It's kind of a crippled touchpad that's far too sensitive for when I type and gently brush it with my hand, as well as periodically loses its scroll-zone deal.

December 17th, 2007, 08:54 PM
I much prefer the Trackpoint on my Thinkpads. On my main machine, I disabled the Touchpad once, because I occasionally, annoyingly brushed over it whilst typing - but now it won't let me re-enable it. (Says I've disabled it in the BIOS, but there isn't any such setting in my BIOS setup) That's in Windows. It doesn't work in Linux, either, so I'm guessing it's BIOS trouble. The touchpad on my other Thinkpad works great no matter what I throw at it.

December 17th, 2007, 08:56 PM
Always a fan of the trackpoint, but since I have an Acer laptop, I have a touchpad which works nicely. I tend to disable all the extra gizmos (including tap-to-click), and I rarely even use it to begin with (I keep it on so that if I need to detach my mouse I still have something to use)

December 17th, 2007, 09:04 PM
I get extreme pain in my fingers and hand from using the touchpad, so I generally tend to not use it, that said the touchpad works better for me in linux than it ever did in windows.

December 17th, 2007, 09:07 PM
touchpad is the most vile thing invented after the alarm clock. I can bang out over 40 words a minute ... when I rest my thumbs or hit the space bar the next thing I know the cursor is 10 lines up in the middle of a word.

the trackball is my contoller of choice.

December 17th, 2007, 09:19 PM
I hate touchpads, because the slightest touch or brush against it can totally screw up whatever I'm doing. I really wish all laptops had the IBM ****.

December 17th, 2007, 09:37 PM
My girlfriend didnt like extra functionality on her touchpad (it didnt work in Windows, but Ubuntu). I explained her how it worked and now shes comfortable with it.

If you dont know why sthg behaves in a certain way you wont like it because you have no control over it.

December 17th, 2007, 09:44 PM
I haven't found any special functions that I could enable on my Aspire 5050's touchpad, other than the circular scroll (which is neat when I remember to use it) found in the downloadable Touchpad preferences application.

I've disabled tap-to-click, which is an okay tool when your touchpad's sensitivity isn't maxed out, but is a terrible hinderance whenever you type (unless your touchpad's sensitivity is toned down). I just use the buttons instead.

December 17th, 2007, 09:49 PM
**** mice, Touchpads and whatever else are always rubbish. What you need is a piece of cardboard duct taped to your laptop, over the the touchpad, with a tiny portable USB mouse on it. That = FTW

December 17th, 2007, 09:57 PM

Bungo Pony
December 17th, 2007, 10:16 PM
I'm happy my laptop has a touchpad instead of that stupid little nipple thing in the middle of the keyboard. It's like controlling your mouse pointer with a joystick. ....actually, a joystick would probably be more accurate than that piece of junk. I actually had an IBM PC keyboard with that stupid nipple built into it. How useless!

Even though I work a touchpad really well, I still prefer a real mouse.

December 17th, 2007, 11:09 PM
When it comes to the GIMP, I like the touchpad better than mice. It's like finger-painting!

If you need to change acceleration / speed on your touchpad, the current SVN of GSynaptics has it.