View Full Version : hybrid data storage (SATA + SSD)

December 13th, 2007, 05:22 PM
Hi, here's just a silly idea.
SSD is said to be much faster than traditional hard drives. You can get a 8GB SSD express card for ~50 EUR, which isn't exactly cheap but affordable. However, SSD can sustain unlimited reads, but a limited number of writes before it wears out. So, suppose you'd get a 8GB SSD express card for the OS and a nice big SATAII disk for the rest partitioned as follows

SATA or whatever traditional drive:
edit: /dev as well perhaps because device nodes are created at boot (right?).

the rest, mounted with noatime, nodiratime, so there is hardly ever written to the SSD. (Or are there more services that write to / ?)

Would that do anything for performance? I've heard about a file system especially designed for flash memory in embedded devices. Would that be better that ext3 for instance?