View Full Version : The Wonderful Ubuntu Artwork

November 28th, 2004, 05:21 AM

I just had to share how much I'm enjoying seeing all the creativity that's being employed with Ubuntu artwork. All of the original and secondary artwork was fine with me, very nice, and I particularly like the color scheme. I'd grown weary of the "blues."

Now, the tertiary artwork that has been generated is a lot of fun to see and use. I'm particularly captured by the work of an artist whose name I believe to be Jose Rangel. His "Dance" series is wonderful and I think he's done some others as well. I'm a bit confused about it, as to its origins, whether Mr Rangel is from Venezuela, but it doesn't matter. I wish I had some of his art to hang on my wall. They're great. As are some of the more shiny interpretations.

Similar to everything I've found for myself with Ubuntu, thus far, the artwork gives us the best of many worlds and allows us to make our own choices, without compromising the quality of the distribution or, without engaging in tense interchanges that sometimes occur in many aspects of life.

So, thank you to the artists, and thank you to Ubuntu people, for continuing to provide me with a free, practical, and beautiful solution to my computer use.


P.S. I'm 63 and I was wondering how many other "seniors" are using Ubuntu now. Any more of you out there?