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December 9th, 2007, 07:49 PM
You mods are probably very aware of natehatewindows' controversial thread a little while back. After that, he PMd me saying that he was very offended because I used the "p" word (pissed). matthew started a thread about this as well in the cafe.

He proceeded to insult me by PM saying I must be an "an angry wife" or "one of the porr sods with no pants in the family". At this point, I did get a little angry and make some rude remarks. I ended up using the "f" word once, though I felt it was slightly deserved in the way that I used it (as in, not directly against him). I did make some extremely rude remarks about his relationship skills and sexism, and I also made an immature comment about his wife leaving him. That was really uncalled for, but in my defense, I was quite riled up and more than a little discontent that it was so hard for some people to show some basic respect for the female gendered among us.

After my moderately inflammatory post, he proceeded to send me PMs full of direct threats to my life among other things. Below are the PMs in question.

god, you should really learn how to read, you must be so stupid. I said and i will say again that i have a GREAT relationship. MY wife is the most important thing is the world to me and if you would read the original post i am not saying bad things, i am giving advice to help relationships. I am not a pig and i respect women more than you will ever know.

Where you do you live? i would love to come and beat your ******* *** you worthless piece of stupid ****! oh and i hope that not your picture, if so we know what your problems is you ugly ******. If you ever talk about my wife like that again i swear to god i will come and kill you. FYI, me and my wife are great together, we are both happy and have a baby on the way. Are you even married? i bet not so **** to **** up you ****in dumb ****. You really just need to learn how to ******* read! god you make people seem so ******* stupid. I really hope that you burn in ****in hell. I hope you have a awful life you ******* ****!

**** YOU *** HOLE!!!! go kill yourself!

Now im going to go be happy with my wife, you pissed me off so ******* bad so now she can make me in a good mod again.

You are a ******* piece of **** and i hope you know that. Who the **** o you think you are getting in my business.

you really think i give a **** if i get banned from the Ubuntu forums? no i dont. Right now i give a **** about beating the **** out of you you stuipd ****. you need to mind your own ******* business. My life is not your concern ***. I dont even understand why you bothered me with your "sexist" bull ****, my post was my wifes ADVISE so people could make their wife more happy. your a ******* dumb ***.....i really hope you know that. I really dont give a flying **** what you say or do, i know that i have a great relationship with my wife and that is something a ***** *** like you will never have. Please tell me where you live and meet me at your ******* airport so i can beat your ***** girl ***.

have fun sucking your boy friends **** *** hole.

oh and just so you know why my thread got took off. it was because your ***** girl *** bitched about it. I even got pm from a few mods saying how funny it was.....but you had to ruin our fun (99% of it was a joke you know, no you dont your to stupid). so thanks for being a ******* ***** *** hole. people like you should should never have children, you make the whole ******* world more stupid.

so this is what i want, if you are going to rat me out to the mods then thats fine by me. But if your going to be a man and not rat me out then please never pm me again and NEVER post in my thread again. So what you want, i dont give a ****, i know i am better than your sorry *** no matter what happens.

I completely understand that my actions were rude and some of them a little immature, but I'm 100% positive that none of them warranted a response like this. I honestly don't feel comfortable with being on the same forum as this user.

I get a little hot-headed about my beliefs sometimes, but I don't make a practice of disrespecting people like natehatewindows seems to, and even when I do by chance offend someone without realizing it, I do apologize when it's brought to my attention.

I would never make threats to another forum members' health, or ever make them feel unsafe. Most forum members I've met here have been perfectly polite and decent human beings, very aware of their boundaries, and very tolerant of other peoples' boundaries (this includes religion, sexual orientation, and many other things). I don't think that natehatewindows contributes positively to the community, and actually detracts from it by aiding the proliferation of sexism and use of negative buzzwords like "***". I feel like natehatewindows has violated enough rules, and some of the more important ones, to warrant being removed from our community.

Thank you,


December 9th, 2007, 08:40 PM
I have seen other, similar evidence against this user. I have also been on the receiving end of this sort of abuse from him as a result of the thread in question. I was willing to let it go when it was just me, but I will not tolerate any other user being treated in this manner.

natehatewindows (http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=404660) has been permanently banned.

December 9th, 2007, 10:46 PM
Thank you matthew, much appreciated.