View Full Version : Attn: Northeast PA -- Allentown and surrounding regions

December 3rd, 2007, 02:32 PM
December 29-30th there is a computer show at the Allentown fairgrounds. I'm suggesting we go give out CDs and chat with people about Ubuntu and free software. This is a good opportunity for us. A convention full of computer people. I think it's a safe assumption to say there will be some Linux people there but the majority will be Windows, maybe we can get people talking about Ubuntu Linux and make an impact. I'm willing to spearhead this if you guys want me to, this is your home turf though so I would like some help. There are plenty of you guys around, we just some organization. Let's get on it! I'm driving up from Philly, so just because you don't live in Allentown doesn't mean you can't participate.

Initially I was thinking we should get a booth, but the more I think about it, I think just walking around striking up conversations with people is the way to go. Does anyone disagree with this and think a booth would be better? I see the advantage of the booth, but mingling seems more effective. Maybe we can find a corner to stand and put up our banner where 1 or 2 people will stand and the rest kind of walk around and hand out cds and chat. Marketpro (the people who host the show) do not give a straight answer to how much a table costs. I'm going to call later today to talk to them, maybe they're Linux enthusiasts and will give us a free table !:guitar: yeah, fat chance. So guys, what's the interest on this, do you NEPA people want to take action and grow your community? I'm more than happy to help out, but I need to know the locals are behind it.

December 3rd, 2007, 06:19 PM
Ok, I just got off the phone with the woman from Marketpro (the company who hosts the shows), and after a long debate about the merits of free software, the price of the show is $128/day + $40 electricity. Are we able to scrounge together some funds? If we can't get a booth then we're not allowed to advertise, so it's that or nothing.