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December 1st, 2007, 03:00 AM
[Note: I attend a small women's college. The techies are male]

Today, while said techies were attempting to repair my ethernet jack, I start up my computer to test and see if the connection is working yet. Boots up into Ubuntu.

Techie stares: "you're a woman? and you use UBUNTU?"

"yeah... there's actually several of us here that use ubuntu"

"I had to use that in tech school.. and you have to use binaries and packages and stuff. where did you learn to do that?"

"I've been using linux for several years now. If I have an issue, google works wonders."

"but, we have a win network! I didn't think you could use a linux computer with a win network! And you're the first person I've ever seen here with linux!"

"That'd be because my problem is with your win network, not my linux"

Obviously, this techie is not the most brilliant ever. but still. Out of 700 students, I know of 3, including myself, who use linux (and specifically, ubuntu). Which is not a lot, granted, but the fact that they've never seen anyone with linux would be representative that our computers never hit their desks for the whole "i downloaded something and it's spyware and I can't write my paper get rid of it now!" thing. (I know a guy locally who makes a killing just spending sundays on campus fixing everyone's comps).

But being so shocked that I can be a woman AND use ubuntu? argh.

December 3rd, 2007, 03:15 PM
But being so shocked that I can be a woman AND use ubuntu? argh.

Being stereotyped is an argh. I have had argh moments and have felt like asking them why are you stereotyping me?

December 9th, 2007, 01:06 AM
I think we all know the feeling if we're women and work in the technology field. :) Nothing worse than being in a room full of men (in a different country) and them looking at you, and saying to you, "YOU are going to fix our problems?". Luckily I did. I think as time goes on, there will be more people that get used to women being in tech/or esp working with Linux (especially with sites like this, they are great) :)

February 14th, 2008, 06:00 PM
I am a teechie and a secretary, i.e. for someone the lowest form of mankind.
And they are really stunned when I talk about computer, operating systems and Ubuntu.
The first time I went to a meeting about Linux the boy talking about it began saying "Linux is not for secretaries".
Secretary is not a "nickcame" for brainless.
And I am not returning to the local linux group because they never helped me. probably because I am too old to be interesting and married, so they don't have the incentive of helping me, or only listening to me.

February 14th, 2008, 06:09 PM
Last week on #ubuntu-offtopic:

15:07 < rencore_> to be honest i think that it is great that women are using linux
6 15:07 < rencore_> it shows that it is no longer a geek os but an os that the masses can use
7 15:07 < bazhang> that is so wrong on so many levels rencore_ I dont even know where to begin
8 15:08 < rainwalker> "I like my Ubuntu setup"
9 15:08 < Gnine> masses = women?
10 15:08 < rencore_> Gnine, no but it shows that linux is branching out
11 15:08 < bazhang> women have always been smart at tech
12 15:08 < rencore_> its no longer an os where little nerds sit in their bedroom 247
13 15:08 < macogw> HEY!
14 15:08 < bazhang> just no educational opportunities is more like it
15 15:08 < aoupi> girls can be nerds too :)
16 15:09 < macogw> i am a geek, thank you very much!
17 15:09 < Gnine> i like the branching out part. the genderized presentation is a let down though
18 15:09 < bazhang> yup
19 15:09 < macogw> i am siting on my bed
20 15:09 < macogw> using a command line irc client
21 15:09 < macogw> wearing a binary watch
22 15:09 < bazhang> haha
23 15:09 < FuturePilot> binary watch?
24 15:09 < rencore_> im just saying that most of the time its some geek who is in moms basement
25 15:09 < macogw> wearing a black belt full of green terminal-font bash commands
26 15:09 < Gnine> irssi would have been better
27 15:09 < macogw> Gnine: it is irssi
28 15:10 * zimon thinks macogw is weird
29 15:10 < FuturePilot> green terminal code mmmm
30 15:10 < Gnine> oh.. you got /me attention now
31 15:10 < aoupi> recon: I actualy think that's a very inaccurate stereotype
32 15:10 < bazhang> rencore_: not for a while now ;]
33 15:10 < macogw> and listening to my ogg-compatible digital audio player (which is playing music in a language i dont know)
34 15:10 < Gnine> that is style right there